The Financial Risks International Forum on “Systemic Risk” is an International Research Forum for academics and professionals organised by the Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB), the Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF) and the Fondation du Risque.


The forum pursues three objectives:


- to identify the main streams of research that will structure the Finance and Insurance’s evolutions in the future;
- to organize presentations and debates on these new trends;
- to assess the market and regulatory impacts of these evolutions.




- Market liquidity, liquidity measure, liquidity risk premium;
- Funding liquidity and counterparty risk, liquidity spirals, bank runs, systemic risk;
- Global liquidity (public, private), leverage and macroeconomic determinants;
- Liquidity and regulation, financial innovations (derivatives, securitization);
- Asset Management with illiquid assets;
- Intraday liquidity and optimal execution; 
- Investor’s behavior in liquidity crises. 


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